-Buying Property-

Buying the right home, piece of land, condo, townhouse, igloo, etc… can be difficult without fully understanding what’s currently available on the market.  Other agents may try to rush you through the process in an effort to get you to buy “something.” I work in real estate because I want to, not because I need to. When working with buyers, my number one priority is finding you the perfect home, piece of land, condo, townhouse, igloo, etc… not selling you “something.” Click the “Buy” icon above to check out the buyers page! Here you can search properties for sale, link to my listings or submit your wants and needs lists. It’s a great place to start the conversation!

-Selling Property-

So you want to sell your property? AWESOME! With an extremely strong background in marketing and advertising, I’m confident that I have the skills and necessary know how to appropriately and effectively market your property to the masses. Innovative out of the box thinking, calculated risk management, spot on market analysis, negotiating tactics, science (yes science), thousands of dollars worth of Apple products and lots of other $20 words and phrases give me the ability to GET YOUR PROPERTY SOLD FOR TOP DOLLAR! Making a statement on the web is absolutely KEY in today’s market. Click the “Sell” icon above to visit the seller’s page. Here you can download my sellers checklist, submit your information to setup a listing appointment, check out my proven marketing plan along with some great listing videos I’ve done for other clients. If anything else watch the videos, should be good for a smile. Pretty sure there is a chocolate chip cookie recipe download on there too.

-Renting Property-

Finding the perfect rental can be time consuming and quite frankly, a bit of a headache without the proper professional on your team. As a landlord myself, I know what to look for and what to look out for in the wonderful world of rentals. It’s a two way street! Just remember to look both ways before you cross it. If you’re just starting out, may not have the best credit, or simply just aren’t looking to have the commitment and upkeep of owning a home, renting is a great option. There are lots of fantastic rentals on the market in all price ranges. Click the “Rent” icon above to search available rental properties in Illinois! WOOP WOOP!

Need to talk?

See something you like? See something you don’t like? Need a great chocolate chip cookie recipe? Need bail money? Wanna sell your home? Wanna buy a home? Wanna buy 2 homes?  Lost your keys? Need help changing a tire? Trapped in the back of someones trunk? Shoot me a line via the contact form and I’ll send rescue if necessary.

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These people think I’m pretty awesome!

Anthony was an awesome Realtor. Quick and very knowledgeable. He provided a variety of houses that were within my price range and some that were not, as to give me a good idea of what I would be realistically buying, at what I could afford. Very straight-forward with me when it came to advice, and very responsive when it came to communicating with the sellers and their agent, while keeping me in the loop on everything. As a first time home-buyer, I was very satisfied with how much knowledge he had to bring to the table. I felt confident in my home purchase. Overall it was a great experience. Thanks again Anthony!!!!

Jessica Sund


I do not normally write testimonials, but I have to give Mr Naperville credit! He was not pushy, very informative and FAST at getting things done! Which anymore is hard to find in a realtor! Mr. Naperville lives up to his name! What a nice guy! Thank you very much Anthony! You went way above and beyond the call of duty and have one VERY happy customer! J I highly recommend him for your next home purchase!

Chase Pennell

-Buyer / Seller

What kinda dude calls himself Mr. Naperville?

You’ve got to be kidding me right? Mr. Naperville? Who does this guy think he is? The name actually started as a joke between one of my best friends and ended up sticking. Fast-forward an undisclosed number of years and I find myself writing my bio on MrNaperville.com. My focus in college was marketing and communications. I graduated from North Central College in Naperville with a 3.8 cumulative GPA and 4.0 in my majors. Figuring out how to make something work better has always been a passion of mine. When I started investing in real estate, I saw there was a severe lack of “Fun” in the market. A very good friend of mine who actually sold me my house in Naperville (before I had my brokers license) showed me how you can really make the entire process a positive one from start to finish. My goal was to come up with a marketing plan to build on his values of which I have now come to call my own. All things real estate aside, my REAL name is Anthony Gaudio. I grew up in Detroit, went to the school of hard knocks, put my self through college, met and married the woman of my dreams (she is way out of my league but I’m not complaining), have an extremity adorable son and a wonderful family to boot. All in all, I’ve lived on both sides of the fence. I know how hard it is to not only achieve success but to maintain it as well. I hope reading this puts a smile on your face. Heck, if not check out the video. If that doesn’t make you smile… well… call me when you’re in a better mood, HAHAHAHA!!!

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